Charger Band
High School
Junior High
Fulshear High School & Leaman Junior High School​​
Lamar CISD
Fulshear, Texas
Color Guard
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Welcome to "the Heartbeat of Fulshear", your Charger Band!
Necessary Accessories:
  • Cleaning Rod
  • Cleaning Cloth
  • Metronome & Tuner (either or)
    • Korg Tuner (can be purchased at the music store
    • "Tonal Energy" Smart Phone App

Everything FLute!!!​​​​​​

We need our flutes to stay in great playing condition. Be sure that you swab out every part of your flute immeiately after you finish playing EVERYTIME. 

Do not wait until later to clean your flute. By then it will be too late.
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1. Parts of the Flute

Week 1: August 27th- August 31st

Objective Sheet 1
Due Friday, Sept. 7th

2. How to Make a Sound!

3. How to put your flute together.

4. How to hold a flute.